This page is intended to be a small resource on using quadcopters around volcanoes. 

My quadcopter was funded by I'm a Scientist, Get me out of here and I have talked about it on BBC Radio 4's Today and Wired 

The quadcopter that I use is called a DJI Phantom. The camera is a GoPro HD Hero2 . 

The concept is that with a relatively cheap quadcopter, volcanologists can captivate the public's attention - creating conversations and relationships, and at the same time rapidly take aerial photographs.

Before we got the quadcopter, we used a kite. Some of the concepts of this and community based mapping are explained here.

I will update this page soon with details of how the images are acquired, processed and stitched rapidly to form simple maps. Below is an example map following the 14.7.2013 explosion of Tungurahua, Ecuador. We used the volcanocopter to help Instituto Geofïsico (IGecuador) to rapidly map the deposit close to the main road. The deposit can clearly be seen (light grey). 

If you want some more info, or want to borrow/use the quadcopter then don't hesitate to get in touch! 

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